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#137; You're Driving Me Crazy

Title: You're Driving Me Crazy
Artists: Super Junior, EXO-K
Pairings: Kyuhyun/Suho
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 3.553
Warnings: none, except maybe excessive cussing and usage of sex toys
Prompt: #137 - Kyuhyun/Suho. For his birthday Kyuhyun's friends try to hire him a stripper but accidentally pay for a prostitute instead. +Top!Kyuhyun & power bottom Suho. ++ if Kyuhyun and Suho have meet before/know of each other and there are ~feels~ involved. +++ Bring on the smut
Notes: to the prompter: i hope you like this! i kind of lazed my way through this, especially because this was written through a period of time where i was getting out of the exo fandom and also having a lot of personal appointments. i tried to stick to your prompt the best i could (although ok i kind of forgot about the accidental paying for a prostitute and instead made it intentional orz i hope you don't mind that small detail!). this fic is mostly smut, and i kind of wrote the smut on and off when usually i write smut in one go so i hope this isn't too bad ;; enjoy and thank you for the prompt!

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Kyuhyun asks, lifting the half empty soju bottle up to his mouth for another gulp.

Changmin grins at his best friend and turns to Minho before looking back at Kyuhyun, "We got you an amazing birthday gift Kyu."

Kyuhyun narrows his eyes at the smile that Changmin wears while saying that, nothing ever good comes from that smile. Also, Changmin's presents haven't been 'amazing' since their pre-debut days and a few of the early debut years.

To be honest, it was his birthday in 2009 where the shitty gift saga between the two of them began. All Changmin gave him that year was a piece of cake with a card reading 'feel honored, i don't share food with everyone' and Kyuhyun did feel pretty happy about it until he found out that Changmin particularly disliked that flavor of cake.

Kyuhyun sighs when neither Changmin nor Minho reveal anything more and gives in, "What did you get me?"

Changmin snickers and slides a small white envelope towards him. Kyuhyun's eyebrows furrow as he hesitantly reaches out to pick up the envelope.

"What is this?" Kyuhyun questions, turning the envelope around in his hands. He can feel something thin and solid inside, but no sounds of a plastic wrapper come so Kyuhyun guess he's safe from getting a condom with 'hope you get laid!' written on a sticky note attached to it.

(That was actually what he had done in 2009 for Changmin's birthday gift)

"Why don't you open it and see for yourself?" Changmin replies, raising an eyebrow and gesturing towards the envelope that rests in Kyuhyun's hands.

The older huffs and relents, opening up the flap. Inside the envelope lies a black card and Kyuhyun's first thought is 'holy fucking shit did they give me a black (credit) card?' but then the rational side of his mind protests and he realizes that his friends are too cheap for something like that. He pulls out the card and on one side is a hotel name with a room number etched onto it and on the other side there's a small arrow drawn on the bottom, indicating which way to insert the card.

"A hotel room?" Kyuhyun's confused. "You guys booked me a hotel room?"

Minho and Changmin snicker at their friend's confusion, "The real present will be inside the hotel room hyung," Minho fills in.

And suddenly, the pieces click inside of Kyuhyun's head, "Wait wait wait - did you guys get me a prostitute?"

Changmin outright laughs at Kyuhyun's sudden revelation and Minho giggles beside him but is composed enough to nod, answering Kyuhyun's question.

"We thought we'd help you out a bit," Changmin says, once he's regained his composure. "Because you know, you haven't really dated or gotten laid ever since your break up with Zhou Mi."

Kyuhyun grimaces at the mention of his ex and then crosses his arms across his chest, his lower lip jutting out ever so slightly in a small pout. The more he thinks about this, he realizes, the more okay he seems with it. His friends' idea sounds pretty reasonab-

And yeah, okay, he should stop there. This is a fucking horrible idea and he doesn't know why he should be thankful. But now that they have paid for the prostitute, Kyuhyun shouldn't let their money go to waste right?

While Kyuhyun tries to resolve the dilemma inside his head, Changmin and Minho silently watch their friend for the most part, laughing softly when his expression becomes especially frazzled.

"Hyung," Minho says, pulling Kyuhyun out of his thoughts. "Just go."

Kyuhyun's eyebrows furrow again but after a moment or two, he thinks, 'what is really so bad about this' and gives in.



Kyuhyun doesn't know why but he feels nervous as he gets closer and closer to the hotel room. He won't ever admit it but his hand shakes slightly and is a bit too sweaty as he manages to slide the keycard in to open the door.

There's a small green light on the door handle that flashes and signals that the door's open. Kyuhyun takes it as his cue, releasing one last deep breath before he opens the door.

Honestly, he doesn't know what to expect when he opens the door, but a short, blond haired guy with kohl rimmed eyes isn't it. The guy is looking straight at him and his gaze is piercing. He looks so nonchalant about everything as he slowly sips wine from a glass, wearing presumably nothing underneath the shower gown, that it's a surprise that Kyuhyun finds it to be such a huge turn on.

Kyuhyun can feel the blond's eyes looking over him, checking him out and Kyuhyun feels as if his feet are frozen to the ground. It's not until the blond speaks up that Kyuhyun regains his sense of mobility.

"Suho," and -- god fucking dammit -- Kyuhyun wasn't ready for the man's voice to sound so good. "You can call me Suho," the blond says, smiling.

Kyuhyun hesitantly smiles back, "i'm Kyuhyun." And fuck if this isn't awkward as hell.

Suho's lips slightly turn up at the awkwardness spilling from Kyuhyun. He puts the wine glass down on a table next to the sofa and strides towards Kyuhyun. He looks so comfortable in his skin and has this aura of confidence around him that Kyuhyun can't help but give into.

"Come," Suho whispers into Kyuhyun's ear, as he lightly wraps his fingers around the birthday boy's wrist and pulls him down the small hallway towards the bedroom. Somewhere in the back of Kyuhyun's mind, he notes down a reminder to thank his friends because the hotel suite looks really expensive (and of course Suho's a definite plus).

Kyuhyun lets himself be led to the bed by Suho, he lets himself be pushed down and lets his eyes wander over the pale prostitute's body as the blond removes the gown. Suho's unmarked, pale and perfect. Kyuhyun wonders how his friends managed to actually give him an amazing birthday present.

Suho smiles when he looks up and sees Kyuhyun's eyes gazing over his naked body. The blond shakes his head a bit to move his bangs off of his eyes and Kyuhyun feels a flash of familiarity run through him, but it only lasts for a second. He doesn't have much time to focus on that feeling anyway when Suho straddles him right after.

Suho gently takes one of Kyuhyun's hands and places it on his ass, leaning down to whisper, "Go ahead, I've been waiting and preparing."

And things become much clearer when Kyuhyun's hands travel down the crack to feel the rubber of a butt plug pressing into Suho's hole. Kyuhyun bites his lip to suppress the groan at the touch of the butt plug and feels his dick harden inside of his jeans as he pushed down on the plug, enticing a moan from Suho.

And oh god, Suho's moans are the prettiest thing he has heard and he wants to hear more, more and more of them. Kyuhyun tries to take control and places his hands on Suho's waist, getting ready to flip them over when he's stopped by a simple, but firm "no" from Suho.

"Tonight, it's your pleasure we're focusing on," Suho says, smiling and god he looks so innocent, even though he's naked and straddling Kyuhyun and has had a butt plug inside of him for god knows how long. "Let me do the work."

Kyuhyun opens his mouth to reply but no words come out so he closes it and just nods. His eyes close when he feels a hand lightly moving over the growing bulge in his jeans and outright moans, not bothering to hold them back anymore, when the hand begins to rub oh so slowly against the bulge.

It's so slow, but such good friction and Kyuhyun feels so greedy, trying to arch his hips up into Suho's touch. Suho grins at how he slowly breaks apart Kyuhyun and leans down to capture his mouth in a kiss as he removes his hand from the birthday boy's crotch to unbutton the shirt.

Kyuhyun is the most cooperative and helps Suho remove his shirt, but lays back and watches when Suho begins to pull the zip of his jeans down with his teeth.

"Fuck," Kyuhyun gasps out as he feels Suho's breath against his bulge, the heated air over his crotch causing his toes to curl in pleasure. "Suho."

"Mmm," Suho hums right against the thin cloth of Kyuhyun's boxers and fuck-- how is Kyuhyun supposed to deal with this?

Suho starts to mouth at Kyuhyun's bulge through the boxers and Kyuhyun thanks God that he has better stamina than Changmin and uses that thought of Changmin to keep his building orgasm off.

Suho uses his teeth again, now to pull down Kyuhyun's boxers and Kyuhyun gasps when he feels a small lick against his balls. Kyuhyun's clothes are pushed off the bed and Suho stands on his knees and smiles down at the already sweaty and heavily breathing Kyuhyun.

"Ready?" Suho asks, but doesn't wait for an answer before leaning down to mouth along Kyuhyun's collarbones.

The blond leaves a wet trail of kisses and licks all over Kyuhyun's chest, paying special attention to the nipples. Suho licks and lightly bites at the nipples, drawing out groans of pleasure mixed with very little pain from the birthday boy. He then moves down to tongue at the bellybutton, knowing exactly how sensitive it can be for some people.

Suho's guess turns out right as Kyuhyun fucking whimpers at the feeling of Suho's tongue moving around and in his navel. Suho grins and then noses at the light trail of hair leading down to the very erect cock. He doesn't give Kyuhyun a chance to recover from the hickey he sucks at the older's hipbone and sucks at the erect cock, taking as much as he can in one go.

Kyuhyun's hands grip at the bedsheets, his knuckles turning white as Suho laps at his cock, grazing his teeth over the length and then using just the right amount of suction to get Kyuhyun to arch his hips up into Suho's mouth to try and fuck it. However, the prostitute's grip is tight on his hips and the most Kyuhyun can do is groan and try (unsuccessfully) rolling his hips with each bob of Suho's head.

Kyuhyun's not shy to admit that this probably the best blowjob he's received in the 27 years of his life. He's just glad that he's finally gotten to experience such a talented and pretty mouth, and all his fucks about the blowjob being given by a prostitute are thrown out of the window.

"You think you can do multiple?" Suho asks, pulling off of Kyuhyun's dick with an obscene pop and the saliva smears over his chin.

Kyuhyun nods affirmatively. He can do multiple, he has done multiple before and for his birthday he can surely manage, especially if the giver is going to be suho.

The blond smiles at the answer and resumes sucking cock, except now one of his hands is lightly caressing Kyuhyun's sack and venturing further down until it hovers around the rim of the elder's asshole. Kyuhyun pants when he feels a finger down there. It's just touching, not penetrating, but it's still so arousing.

Suho's finger remains at the rim as his mouth moves down, now to suck at Kyuhyun's balls. Kyuhyun's legs immediately spread further apart, giving Suho more space to do as he wishes. The older feels Suho's mouth smile and press a kiss at his scrotum before licking a stripe at the space between his balls and his asshole. he shivers when he feels a tongue press against his asshole and arches his hips a bit off the bed - now free to do so since Suho's hands are no longer holding him down - and gives Suho better access to it.

Suho smiles at the submissiveness of Kyuhyun and pulls back, drawing a whine from kyuhyun.

"Relax," suho whispers before he pushes Kyuhyun's hips down and takes the length into his mouth again, sucking and stroking the dick vigorously.

With one, two, three bobs Suho manages to deep throat Kyuhyun. It's when Suho moans at the feeling of Kyuhyun's cock hitting the back of his throat that Kyuhyun finds his first release. The older empties himself into Suho's mouth as the prostitute sucks and swallows all the come cleanly.

Suho sucks for a bit longer at the softening dick before he pulls of and begins to kiss kyuhyun's inner thighs.

"Suho," Kyuhyun keens, breathing heavily as he reaches out for the prostitute. He pulls up Suho so they're chest to chest and goes straight to kissing the blond, tasting himself on Suho's tongue. it should be gross in theory, but Kyuhyun finds it so fucking hot. Everything and anything Suho does, for whatever reason, Kyuhyun finds it hot.

"So you want to fuck me?" Suho whispers against Kyuhyun's lips. "Fuck me so hard that you break me apart?"

Kyuhyun inhales sharply at the visual his mind conjures at Suho's words.

"Or would you rather," Suho continues, leaning down to lick along Kyuhyun's throat. "Have me break you?"

Suho mouths at Kyuhyun's adams' apple that bobs as the latter swallows after hearing Suho's words.

"I'd ride you to kingdom come and break you down so well," Suho says, his voice loud and clear, even as he leaves tiny red marks, nipping the skin at Kyuhyun's collarbones. "Would you like that, Kyuhyun?" The blond emphasizes the birthday boy's name with a roll of his hips, rubbing their crotches together and smirking when he feels Kyuhyun's dick twitch.

"Yes, fuck yes please," Kyuhyun mumbles, the words tumbling out of his mouth as Suho continues to roll his hips against Kyuhyun's steadily hardening dick.

"Take it out," Suho whispers, his mouth hovering next to Kyuhyun's ear as he guide's the elder's hand to his hole, pressing against the butt plug. "And fill me up with your cock instead."

Kyuhyun groans and follows Suho's orders, slowly pulling out the butt plug and drawing out pornstar worthy moans from the prostitute. Instead of his dick though, Kyuhyun inserts two fingers, scissoring and stretching Suho open.

"Fuck," Suho pants, his head resting in the crook of Kyuhyun's neck as he fucks himself on Kyuhyun's fingers. "Just fuck me with your cock already."

Kyuhyun grins at Suho's eagerness. He likes knowing that this is equally as much of a turn on for Suho as it is for him. He complies with the blond's request and pulls out his fingers that are coated in the lube that came from the butt plug. He uses his lube covered fingers to lather his own dick and then slowly positions his cock so that it's lined up with Suho's hole.

"Let me take over," Suho says, straightening his back and reaching down to pump Kyuhyun's dick a few times before lowering himself onto it. Both of them groan at the feeling as Suho slowly slides down until he bottoms out and his ass hits Kyuhyun's thighs.

Suho's fingers dig into Kyuhyun's thighs as he adjusts to the intrusion, breathing heavily. The seconds trickle down and Kyuhyun resists the urge to slam up against the blond's lithe body. The tight heat encasing his dick drives him crazy and he twists his fingers into the bed sheet.

Kyuhyun hears a soft 'okay', before he sees Suho lift himself up and then immediately drop back down, and fuck if this isn't the best thing Kyuhyun's felt in ages. Suho builds up a steady pace after that, his thigh muscles flexing each time he raises himself just to slam back down.

Kyuhyun looks up at Suho, the sweat making his body shine underneath the room's lights and everything about him just looks so heavenly. Suho adds in slight rolls of his hips, changing up the pattern at times, sometimes going just halfway down Kyuhyun's dick and other times fully filling himself up. It's maddening and Kyuhyun swears his heartbeat is so loud that anyone two rooms down can probably hear it.

It's when Suho removes one hand from Kyuhyun's thigh to push his hair back and off his forehead that it hits Kyuhyun. The familiarity hits with a sharp pang this time, and it doesn't leave because Kyuhyun now knows where he's seen Suho before. His name's not even Suho, it's-

"Junmyeon," Kyuhyun feels the name slip past his lips before he can stop himself. The blond stops mid thrust and looks down at Kyuhyun, his eyes widening.

And fuck, how did kyuhyun not see this before? It's so obvious now. It's Kim Junmyeon. The brunet who went to the same university as him, who was maybe just two or three years below him but in the same choir group. He's the guy who Kyuhyun crushed so hard on, but gave up after graduating from university. Kyuhyun doesn't know why he didn't recognize that melodious voice when he heard Suho moan, but now it's hit him and he's realized and fuck.

Suho drops down, pulling out another groan from Kyuhyun. His expression, however, is stunned and he doesn't look like he's going to continue riding Kyuhyun any time soon.

"Fuck, Junmyeon, i'm-" Kyuhyun begins, but he doesn't know what to say. "I'm… sorry?"

Suho- no, Junmyeon huffs out a small laugh at that before his expression sobers up again.

"Is this," Junmyeon speaks up. "Is this uncomfortable for you? Do you want me to stop?"

And fuck, that's the last thing on Kyuhyun's mind right now, and he says so out loud. Junmyeon looks a tiny bit relieved at Kyuhyun's reply and smiles hesitantly.

"Let's talk later, yeah?" Kyuhyun says. "How about you finish what you started first?"

And Junmyeon laughs out loud now, his voice clear and so so so beautiful. He nods and leans down, pecking Kyuhyun's lips quickly - and Kyuhyun's sure that he saw a hint of a shy smile there somewhere - before resuming his actions, pulling both of them back in the lustful haze.

The resumption brings around new emotions and there's a stronger current of want and desire flowing through them as Kyuhyun timely thrusts along with Junmyeon's riding. It's that same electricity between them that brings them both over the edge quickly. It's hot and stuffy and sticky, but it's still perfect and Kyuhyun doesn't think it could've gone any better.


"Did you remember me?" Kyuhyun asks, turning to face Junmyeon. They've cleaned up the room a bit and themselves too -- showering, although not together. "When you first saw me after I opened the hotel door."

Junmyeon hesitates slightly, but nods, confirming that he did in fact know who Kyuhyun was.

"And you were okay with it?" Kyuhyun continues his questioning.

"Well," Junmyeon looks at straight at Kyuhyun. His gaze is so piercing and intense and if Kyuhyun wasn't already spent and tired out, he's sure that he'd be getting hard in no time. "It didn't look like you remembered me, so I thought why not, you know? Plus, your friends had already paid me."

"Did you know," and it's Kyuhyun who hesitates this time, licking his lips and shifting on the bed and avoiding Junmyeon's gaze now.

"Did I know what?

"That I liked you back in college," Kyuhyun sighs. "Did my friends tell you that?"

"Wait," Kyuhyun turns to look at Junmyeon and god, his eyebrows are furrowed and his lower lip is pushing out slightly as he pouts and he looks so adorable. "You liked me?"

Junmyeon sounds confused and Kyuhyun backtracks.

"Shit," Kyuhyun whispers, mostly to himself. Why did he even bring that up?

"Hey, no, it's okay," Junmyeon continues. "College was quite a while ago though, huh?"

Kyuhyun nods, not trusting himself enough to open his mouth, in case he speaks before thinking again.

"Are you…okay?" Junmyeon asks, sounding worried as he shifts a bit closer to Kyuhyun and puts one hand on the older's shoulder that rests pressed against the bed, while the other hand rests on Kyuhyun's waist.

Kyuhyun nods, his heart racing at the feeling of Junmyeon's soft, warm hands resting on his naked body.

"I still like you," and fucking hell, Kyuhyun should really learn to control his mouth.

He braces himself for rejection, but instead feels Junmyeon pull him closer until their bodies are touching chest to chest.

"Good," the younger softly whispers before pressing his mouth against Kyuhyun's. He slowly coaxes Kyuhyun's mouth open with his tongue, licking at pulling at the lower lip and Kyuhyun just lets Junmyeon take the lead, easily following along.

"I like you too," Junmyeon replies a while later, after pulling back to get some air. And it's Kyuhyun who takes the initiative to kiss this time, but he ends up following Junmyeon in the end anyway.

And it's weird and kind of sudden, to end up with a prostitute whom his friends paid for as a birthday gift and who turned out to be his crush from college. But Kyuhyun will take it.

They can work the details out later.

Tags: artist: kyuhyun, artist: suho, group: exo, group: super junior, pairing: kyuhyun/suho, rating: nc-17, round: 1
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